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BBC Radio Cumbria

Brian Madderson speaking on BBC Radio Cumbria's breakfast show. Fastforward to 1:20:20

BBC Radio Oxford

Brian Madderson speaking on forecourt crime on David Prever's Breakfast Club 

BBC Radio 4

Brian Madderson speaking on You & Yours - BBC Radio 4's consumer affairs programme about the Comission Operators Business Model. Fast forward to 14:52 and 39:56.

Sky News

Oil Executive And Petrol Industry Boss Examine Markets – PRA Coverage, quote from Brian Madderson.

Sky News

The UK could see petrol prices rising by up to 5p by the end of the year thanks to the jump in the oil price, says Brian Madderson.

U105 Radio

Brian Madderson speaking on U105fm radio on the Frank Mitchell show at 10:30am on the subject of rising pump prices and the link to the barrel price of crude oil.

Brian Madderson speaking on Environmental Audit Committee. Fast forward to 11:25

BBC Essex

Brian Madderson speaking to Dave Monk on Hand Car Washes. Fast forward to 02.08.