RMI sets out general election priorities


In the run up to the General Election on June 8, the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI), the PRA’s umbrella body, is preparing a manifesto setting out its key priorities for the next Government. 
The PRA has obtained a preview of three headline RMI policy to priorities for the new Government, particularly relevant to PRA members. 

  • Clearly outlining a clean air strategy, which does not punish consumers who bought diesel vehicles in good faith.
  • Defending the UK’s economic interests in Europe after Brexit. 
  • Protecting the interests of small businesses, allowing them to survive and thrive. 

On clean air strategy, as the vehicle market shifts sales towards ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), the RMI is calling on the Government to avoid unduly demonising diesel drivers who bought their vehicles in good faith.
It also urges the new Government to invest in infrastructure to enable the expansion of the alternatively fuelled vehicle (AFV) market. 
RMI presents two key policy changes to prepare the UK for AFV growth. It is calling for 3p cut to fuel duty to stimulate economic growth and reduce inflation plus investment in providing a network of rapid electric vehicle charge points, plus a central fund to enable petrol filling stations to install their own charging equipment. 
Also contained in the manifesto is call to re- examine the valuation of business rates and an increased cap on the HGV Road User Levy.
The full RMI manifesto will be available next week via https://members.ukpra.co.uk/ 

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