The switch to E10 fuel: Check before you fill up


The switch to E10 petrol has has recently been introduced. From 01/09/21, the standard 95% grade petrol will be E10 and contain at least 5.5% and up to 10% ethanol. In preparation for this change, filling stations are labelling their standard grade petrol pumps as “E10”. While under labelling and fuel standards, E10 can contain between 0 and 10% ethanol, any petrol with 5% or less ethanol could be labelled E5 – as has previously been the case for all petrol sold in the UK.


E5 fuel is suitable for all petrol vehicles, while E10 is suitable for around 95%. When E10 is introduced motorists using potentially incompatible vehicles will need to switch to the higher octane super grade, which will remain E5.


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