Sale of new diesel and petrol HGV’s to be banned after 2040


The PRA has described a recent announcement by the Department for Transport to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol heavy goods vehicles after 2040 as “optimistic but completely unrealistic”.

Gordon Balmer, Executive Director of the PRA, said, "We welcome the Government's good intentions for decarbonising transport, but they have to be based on what is achievable."

“Alternatives to diesel such as electric and hydrogen have not yet been developed to a point where they can be sold into the commercial freight sector. You cannot legislate your way to inventing cleaner technologies. Without a roadmap, this is a mere aspiration.”

Balmer added, "Our members are supportive of the principle of decarbonisation, but there needs to be a realistic and well thought-out plan to support these proposals, including how refuelling infrastructure will support alternative fuels such as hydrogen."

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