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Facts & Figures

The UK Retail Road Fuels Market 2020

The UK Retail Road Fuels Market 2020 - UK Petrol and Diesel Sales


2020 data compared with 2019

The Covid-19 pandemic hits demand for road fuels, with petrol taking the biggest hit.

Restrictions on movement within the UK to combat the Covid-19 pandemic through much of 2020 have resulted in a fall in demand of key road fuels. The drop was greater for petrol than diesel because commercial fleets tend to be diesel engine vehicles and they continued to run during the UK's national lockdowns and periods of restricted domestic and international movement.

All petrol sales (including the bio component) fell by one-fifth, with the same trend seen for sales of petrol through supermarkets 
and bio-ethanol sales continuing to make up 4.9 per cent of total petrol sales.

2020 saw the continued growth of bio-diesel sales as a percentage of total diesel sales, up by one-fifth compared with last year to 
6.7 per cent.

Petrol sales        12,906 billion litres

Diesel sales        25,103 billion litres

Diesel sales includes commercial deliveries

Source: BEIS


UK Forecourt Breakdown by Ownership:

Ownership 2020 V4 Count 2019 V4 Count Difference
Company 1,494 1,374 120
Dealer 5,385 5,421 -36
Hypermarket 1,505 1,595 -90
Total 8,384 8,390 -6

Source: Experian Catalist



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